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Feast of St Peter and St Paul

Feast of St Peter and St Paul 2019 and 2020

In Chile, as in many other predominantly Roman Catholic countries, The Feast Day of Saint Peter and Saint Paul is a public holiday. It falls every 29 June.

201929 JunSatFeast of St Peter and St Paul
202029 JunMonFeast of St Peter and St Paul

Saint Peter and Saint Paul Day is meant to commemorate the death and life of the two most prominent of all Christian Apostles, Peter and Paul. Catholic tradition has them both dying on the same day in A.D. 67 in the Mamertine Prison in Rome at the hands of the Emperor Nero. Peter is said to have been crucified upside down since he felt unworthy to die in the same manner as Christ, while Paul was beheaded because that was the execution method used for Roman citizens.

For Saint Peter and Paul Day, many in Chile will attend a special celebratory mass where the martyrdom of Peter and Paul is remembered. Those living near the sea coast may deck out their docks and vessels in festive garb, to honour Saint Peter, the patron saint of all fishermen.