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Army Day

Army Day 2024, 2025 and 2026

Day of the Glories of the Army, or “Army Day” for short, is a national public holiday in Chile observed every 19 September. Army Day is Day Two of the two-day period known as “Fiestas Patrias” (patriotic festivals.) The first day is Independence Day on 18 September.

202419 SepThuArmy Day
202519 SepFriArmy Day
202619 SepSatArmy Day
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The reason that Army Day is observed on 19 September is because that is the day in 1810 when the first Chilean military parade was held in the city of Santiago. And although Army Day was declared an official holiday until 1915, a military parade has been taking place on 19 September in Chile since the first one in 1810.

All branches of the Armed Forces of Chile take part in the parade, along with the “Carabineros de Chile” (national police force.) The “grand” parade takes place in O’Higgins Park in the capital city of Santiago. But there are other parades that are put on in other cities across the land.

Independence Day and Army Day are celebrated with much enthusiasm by Chileans, and in fact, festive events continue long after the official two days and last a whole week.

Previous Years

202319 SepTueArmy Day
202219 SepMonArmy Day